produce electricity by enthalpy sources


Geothermal power generation application can be divided into ORC screw expansion generator set and steam screw expansion generator set according to the geothermal resources

And the steam string ORC screw expansion generator set.

The ORC technology is particularly suitable for the exploitation of medium-to-low enthalpy sources. It is a cost-effective solution with power outputs reaching up to 40 MWe per single generator for sources with water temperature from 100°C to 200°C or higher.


Heat from the ground can be used as an energy source and it can be found in many regions of the world, especially at tectonic plate boundaries or at places where the crust is thin enough to let the heat through. The most common way of capturing energy from geothermal resources is to tap into naturally occurring hydrothermal convection systems, where cooler water seeps into earth’s crust and is heated up within a reservoir. 



image.pngProject address:A geothermal project in China

 image.pngThe geothermal water temperature is 82℃, and the required backwater temperature is 65℃


According to the thermal situation, the single-stage ORC expansion power generation scheme is adopted.Installed capacity of 400kW, a net power generation of 312kW.

        The geothermal water is directly introduced into the ORC unit evaporator and preheater, and the refrigerant side of the heat exchanger

        R245fa heat exchange, produce high temperature and high pressure saturated gas into the expander to do work, drive the generator to generate electricity

        Considering the low local temperature and river water available, a water condenser is used to improve the efficiency of power generation.machine

        Group design structure is compact, using the container size design, convenient transportation.

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